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Pineloch Pool Construction stands for quality design, quality construction and personal service. When you decide to invest in a pool or spa, you deserve no less. Review our standards and compare them with any other pool builder, large or small. We build quality.

Primary components of quality pool design and construction are structure, plumbing, equipment, and appearance. Pineloch Pool Construction standards are the highest in the industry. You compare.

picture of structure of pool

Steel and gunite give a pool structural integrity. In the perimeter beam, we imbed four continuous 1/2-inch steel bars. The shell is reinforced with 3/8-inch steel bars on 8-inch centers. For pools deeper than 8 feet, the bowl is reinforced with twice the normal amount of steel. Our gunite shell contains a 6-sack mix with a design rating of 3500 psi. This gives you a pool structure that will last a lifetime; in fact the shell is warranted for life.

picture of pipes in the ground

A pool works right only when the plumbing is right. Proper sizing of suction and return lines is necessary for good circulation and filtration. Pineloch Pools uses 2-inch PVC Schedule 40 pipe to ensure good circulation. Main drains, skimmers, spa drains, and returns are plumbed independently with high quality never-lube valves for proper hydraulics and long life. Use of variable drive motors is standard for our circulation pumps. Our plumbing is right so your pool works right!

picture of a pool

Pineloch Pools offers many styles and colors water-line tile from which to choose including natural stone, ceramic, and glass. For the perimeter, there are many choices in coping: bullnose brick, safety-grip brick, flagstone, rock, adoquin stone, Marbella stone, travertine, or precast coping.

Nothing finishes off a pool like a good deck. Choices of decking include: Travertine, Travertine pavers, Concrete Pavers, Flagstone, Acrylic Spray Textures, Patterned Concrete, Peagravel, Wood, Trex, or Brushed Concrete.

A long quality interior finish adds beauty and longevity to your pool. For the latest in long lasting finishes, inquire about our line of quartz aggregates, pebble, and glass finishes. Our plaster crew has been finishing Pineloch Pools from our inception. Their work is superb.

picture of a spa

For your spa, we use an automated bypass line in order to increase flow past the heater and filter, providing maximum flow at the jet outlets. A portion of the water still flows through the heater and filter, the remainder is directly returned to the spa. Coupled with a variable drive main pump, you can dial in your spa to your exact preferences of heat and pressure. Instead of venture-type air feeds, we install motorized air blowers using 2-inch airline and employ a separate switch so you can enjoy your spa with or without injected air. All functions are available through remote and/or wireless control.

Pineloch Pools installs a 400,000 BTU electronic ignited, natural gas heater on all spas. This high capacity unit provides hot water faster and more economically than smaller units. The heater is powerful enough to heat your pool if desired. Our objective is a pool that will give you the most for your money, now and in years to come.

picture of a pool pump

Filtration equipment, pumps and motors are sized according to water volume and in compliance with equipment manufacturers' recommendations and warranties. Pineloch Pools are equipped with only Pentair Pool Systems products as we believe they are the premium products on the market. Pineloch Pools believes in low-flow circulation systems. Using variable drive motors, we can adjust the flow rates through the system, maximizing the plumbing efficiently and requiring very little electrical power. Low flow rates also maximize equipment life as water is not forced through the system at too high a rate. All motors are wired at 220 volt for greater efficiency. Even more energy savings can be found by automating the entire pool system. Automated computer controls manage every aspect of the pool equipment, spa operation, lighting, etc. Freeze protection, automated valve control, and operational feedback are just some of what computer control systems deliver. For the ultimate in control, couple our system to your home network and access everything from anywhere. Including Apple iPhone, iPads, Android devices, and desktop computers. Your service tech can even dial into your system remotely to help diagnose any programming issues.

Picture of a hand shake

Pineloch's personalized service begins at design and continues long after construction, because a qualified professional supervises every phase from start to finish. You get the ultimate in quality control.

After construction, we will instruct you in chemical treatment to ensure a clean, beautiful pool and to give long life for your pool's finish. We encourage monthly water checkups by Pineloch Pools free water analysis. We are ready to advise you on any questions concerning maintenance, supplies and service.

A swimming pool is for your enjoyment and we intend to keep it that way. Pineloch Pool Construction wants your business for years to come, so we provide the service and individual attention you deserve..