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With our offices located near Clear Lake, we have been privileged to build many spectacular pools along the waters edge.

While these particular lots open up many design possibilities, they also bring many challenges. Any swimming pool built on the water brings with it unique soil conditions and structural issues.

We have specialized in this type of construction for many years and consider ourselves the leading authority in lakeside or creekside construction.

Just as your home needs special underground structures on a waterfront lot, so does your swimming pool. We will design your pool with this in mind. Your pool may require any number of structural support systems to maintain the integrity of the pool shell.

The process:
We design your swimming pool and decking based on your needs and wants. You will need to provide us a soils report for your property. Your pool plans and soils reports are reviewed by a state certified Structural Engineer, who makes the necessary calculations and reports his findings. We then install the necessary pilings, beams, footers, and retaining walls as specified by our engineer. Your pool is then constructed upon this support structure.

The end result is a pool that lasts. No shifting, no movement, no lifting. Your pool and decking remain in place and looking good for years to come.

Don’t let anyone convince you that this is a step you can skip!

Call us for a consultation or contact Kevin Sherrill for more information.

Click here to some photos of our waters edge construction.